New day, new rant, same shit.

So basically, if you are following my rants you already know I'm working with a crappy framework forgotten by God and you should even be aware my manager is not an IT expert.

So anyway, we have this requirement to implement: a step-by-step process.

They asked us to make the UI design.

My big ass manager couldn't hold his expertise so basically he told us he would make the UI design.
He is a self-entitled UX designer, just saying.
I still don't know who he is, why he is there and why he is doing all this damage. (I only know he is a friend's ceo )

Today I got his UI mockup. It's a fucking nightmare. xD I mean, you would shoot yourself in the foot. If I was the customer I'd just leave the page. You may ask yourself: "How bad a UX process can be designed?" Well, a lot.

The interaction on the page is a clusterfuck.

I'd give you an example but it's so complex to describe I'm just leaving this rant as it this.

I'm implementing this... I'd like to say sorry to all our customers, it's not the devs fault.

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