Transistor sizes are getting smaller and smaller by the day, though we cannot go below the size of a virus due to compartment limitation but the tiniest is smaller than a DNA.
Having chips designed at such a tiny scale looks more scary to me than amazing. Imagine my manager screaming at me, I can give him a slap on the face and infect him with 1 million A8 chips. Now that would be amazing because I just successfully turned him into an iPhone 6.

Me: Hey Siri, what's the weather now?
Manager: 32 degree Fahrenheit, high wind, low humidity.
Me: Yeah that's what's up, you won't be needing an upgrade anytime soon.

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    dont worry friend
    grey goo not yet. i say not in 50 years at least
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    Small transistor does not make equally small chip. You need thousands of those small transistors to make anything functional.
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    These sizes only have meaning when on-chip. You cannot make a meaningful separate single transistor of that size. Well, you technically can, but it would have no practical value.
    I’d be more worried about other stuff at that size.
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    gotta love how people had to smartass a funny post lol
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    @bad-frog Depends how pissed off at humanity some people get. Might be sooner. Though I think 50 years sounds about right.
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    They are no longer designing electric circuits but quantum devices. I'm not sure what to expect of the future but remember that the production chain is massive so by 2050 we will be using the groundbreaking innovations of 10 years from now, which is not an unfathomable distance.
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    @bad-frog what’s grey goo
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    @TeachMeCode self replicating nano machines that went out of control.
    people suspect those will look like grey goo, thence the name.
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    @Root then i better limit my shitposting then, just in case :)
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