space space space space > tab

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    The best way to do it is to define the tab key in your favorite editor as 4 spaces rather than the tab character
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    I still don't understand why people prefer spaces to tabs.. Honestly, can anyone please tell me why?
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    @sterex because it's such amorphous concept... It depends on stuff, and as a developer I like to have control.
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    I think it's tedious to count out so many spaces for nested code, really annoying. I'm using Komodo Edit and it translates tabs to four spaces. it makes sense for compatibility and so on, but doing it manually sucks.
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    @sheeponmeth yeah that's the way to go. Also +1 for the name
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    @bobotay It's a Linux kernel release codename.
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    @NoNameCode Most people use tabs which their editor converts imto spaces, i don't think anyone actually presses space x times (with the exception of manual formatting)
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    @bobotay But how relevant is this when <insert-your-favorite-IDE> can manage it internally?

    The only problem I see is how this can become a GIT nightmare. But there are ways to handle that, right?
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    @sterex they like the bloody sound of the keyboard
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