I got a 9.8/10 for my programming test. I went to ask the teacher what the issue was. He showed me my test but there was no red mark anywhere. So I asked why, and he said it's because I used LINQ, and I couldn't use it because others students might not know it...

I bet you he doesn't understand it aswell...

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    Working according to the specifications is very important for a developer
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    @Justananon Agreed. If you're given a set of instructions and you choose to go against them you can't complain at the outcome.
    Congratulations on getting 9.8, still a solid score.
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    That's crap, teachers somehow kill the interesting thing about programming, the reason I fell in love with it, that there are many ways of accomplishing something and you must choose the most elegant and efficient of them.
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    @Justananon @compSci there weren't any other instructions other than solving the unit tests provided, which is why I think it's very weird

    But I'm still quite happy with my score
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    @Larsg310 Well, in that case your teacher is just a cunt.
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    Sounds like any teacher aty school, they never give me full poimts even though I did what they asked. But the nice thing is that if I forget to hand something in I still get an 8/10.
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    Why would the other students need to know it?. Its a freaking test. It's between you and the problems right?
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    What would have you accomplished if you got extra 0.2 marks? Numbers don't matter, what matters is that you like your work. You will not remember these numbers next year but your love will be everlasting.
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    @dilshah it's not really about the extra 0.2 points, just the idea that I didn't get full points when I did everything right because I used something other students might not know.
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    @Larsg310 Still full marks or extra 0.2 whatever you want to call that has no value. Even if the teacher gave you 0/10 for the very same reason you should not feel bad about that because you know you are right. That Matters. Not your teacher's appraisal.
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