Do you guys think it’s okay to take breaks from a project you’ve been working on for awhile and/or that you’re fatigued with to work on another?

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    Well, if you're going to come back to it? Sure, but if it's just going in the pile, I don't think so
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    Also, generally, if your qustion is: "Is it okay to take breaks [additional information]?", Than the answer is yes
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    @SoldierOfCode I definitely want to go back to it, I’ve just been working on it a bit too long (without a lot of progress) and I just want to make some other stuff to boost my productivity and come back to the main project with a clean head.
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    You can ramp down your efforts without giving up it completely
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    absolutely, that's good practice.
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    Absolutely, at least you'll get to know if it's working for you
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    Yes, and you can also ask someone else to take a look if you've been stuck for a while, maybe they know a better way than what you're trying...
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    If you need a break don't take another project... You won't finish it anyways.
    First rest... Play a little, watch some movies. Then if you dont feel like continuing on they project start a new one
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