To whoever of you boubas told me that Mohs doesn’t mean shit and “a TiNy bRiStLe cAn sCrAtCh hArD gLaSs”,

you’re a moron. An absolute fucking buffoon.

There is a research about abundance of quartz basically everywhere you can imagine. Yep, it’s everywhere. That’s why screens get scratched up.

If it wasn’t for quartz, our phones would be either shattered or pristine. A toothbrush bristle absolutely can not scratch your teeth per se, unless you’re using a toothpaste with abrasives in it, which are — you guessed it — fucking harder than your tooth enamel.

You moron.

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    Yeah, sand is everywhere. Fuck sand
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    @iiii anakin?
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    @mundo03 UTTINI!!!
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    At least, nobody thinks, that the "Mohs scale is just a conspiracy to sell more diamonds".

    That said: I may or may not have just dumped that quote in a QAnon telegram to annoy the hell out of all geologists out there...
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    @Oktokolo diamonds are sold using another conspiracy which is an actual existing conspiracy.
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    I know that diamonds are forever and you can't wed anyone without them. But that is exactly the fun point about the fake or not fake conspiracy that has or has not been mentioned in that QAnon telegram group...
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    Lol if it wasn't for quartz you wouldn't have a phone to begin with.
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