When downloading 'animate.css', is it wrong to copy the raw file and paste into a file named 'animate.css' and link it in html file? Why doesn't it work??!!

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    Should work.. maybe u forgot to add class="animated" .. or have other issue..
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    Not sure what part am I getting it wrong!!! Thanks for confirming @vortex, now one less thing to find answer for.
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    I'm sure there are tutorials around.. i used it once in a custom transition with vuejs (1.0.15)
    I just defined a transition like this-
    Vue.transition('x', { enterClass: 'fadeInUp'});
    And then i could use it in the html-
    <Div Class="animated" transition="x" ... >

    Then the animation would work each time i'd show/hide the div

    credit to the wonderful Jeff Way @ laracasts.com
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    I'm building a quote machine... everytime you click a button there should be a quote dropping like an angel with "fadeInDown" effect.

    Html <body> code goes:
    <button id="quoteBtn" onclick = "newQuote()">Drop it</button>
    <div id="quoteDisplay" class="animated fadeInDown">
    <!-- Quotes will display here -->

    And JS function code goes:
    function newQuote () {
    var randomNumber = Math.floor (Math.random ()*(quote.length));
    $('#quoteDisplay').addClass ('animated fadeInDown');
    document.getElementById('quoteDisplay').innerHTML= quotes [randomNumber];

    Is anything wrong in the above code?
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