I was saying today that my life is pretty sad without a girlfriend until I received this

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    New MacBook Pro, how do you like it? Been holding out for a processor refresh.
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    @tytho It's an awesome piece of tech. I had the 2015 model and I didn't regret the upgrade. And i think that Apple won't push the new processor refresh anytime soon.
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    What!? Dfox sent you a girlfriend too!? I only got the stickers! That cheeky bastard *shakes fist*
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    @tytho @malek Old post but I feel like answering the question from the pov of a long time windows user who switched to linux and then osx in the past 1.5 year. The new mbp is, in my opinion, really overpriced for what you get but I really don't regret buying it. While the lack of hdmi and and sd card slot without an adapter kinda annoys me, Usb-c really is a great all around port. The keyboard is a bit hard on the fingers when you code for a long period of time (imagine just typing on a solid table all day... I'd trade a bit of thickness for more key travel). Besides that, coming from average windows laptops, I couldn't go back after using that amazing trackpad and that crisp, super vivid screen.
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