My colleague sucks in all programming languages known to mankind, and he's one the best programmer I know.
Stop thinking "programming = programming language", languages are nothing ! Programming is about logic, architecture, paradigms, and that's about it.

Programming languages are the front-end of programming.

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    I kind of agree and disagree on this one. You don't need to be an expert in a specific language to be a good programmer. But using your analogy, a back end without some kind of front end, or at least an API, it's useless. You can't say someone is good at programming if they can't produce a deliverable.
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    He is then a Solutions Architect, not a programmer.

    You cannot really program without a language, so unless he can proficiently code in at least 1 language, then all he really does is theoretically solve problems, someone else needs to then implement said solution.
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