So I get to work this morning and see this interesting little contraption on my work colleague's desk.

Safety first: make sure there's a warning sign... Lol.

No idea what he's doing with it though, guess I'll find out later.

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    But... but... This is hardware... We write software....
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    This looks fun 😃
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    It turns out the device itself is a small party of a larger unit or hardware guys are building; this one module was created just to provide the device hardware API so we can start building software to interface with it.

    Still, that warning message... Eish.

    Shortly after posting this, I saw our cleaning lady come into the office and rushed after her to tell her not to touch it. Good thing our health and safety officer wasn't around at that point.
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    @OttkO My programming skills are so high that my software turns into Hardware
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    He is probably worried about static charge that may damage the chip if you touch it.
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    @OttkO that's where you are wrong my friend 😏
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