Gals in devRant, are there some ways woman expresses her friendliness towards man when she is not necessarily attracted to him? When is she attracted and when she is not?

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    I'm not a woman, but I would wager that women show friendliness the same way most humans do: by being nice, helpful, etc.

    There's huge variation, of course, but attraction is shown by being closer or more physical. They'll tend to reduce separation during interactions, perhaps with playful touches, and their demeanor will be more fluttery.
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    Ok, I'm no gal.. But yeah, they can be friends with us and not necessarily having to be attracted (sexually).

    Women are not really that different from us mens. And that means it depends, people act differently, some can be really expressive of their feelings while others won't and you might never know that they liked you.

    If you think she might have feelings towards you.. Go with the flow.. Just don't be a weirdo.. If she reacts positively you're in for a good ride.
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    Just imagine an old lady that looks like Grandma Yetta from The Nanny in front of you instead of the girl. If her behavior creeps you out, she might be interested in you. If not, she's just being friendly...
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