I know this is probably gonna be unpopular but whatever; fuck vim, fuck emacs! A text editor should by default take in standard accepted characters and command form the keyboard without being all hipster "I'm so niche and alternative" about it. You are a text editor so let me enter teeeeeexxxxt!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!! $£^$%^^$%

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    "Fuck Vim , fuck Emacs, fuck text editor as a staff, and as a motherfucking crew!
    And if you want to be down with Atom or Sublime Text, fuck you too!"

    Hit 'Em Up- 2Pac
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    git gud
    (ㆁωㆁ*) #vimmasterrace
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    Lol, a true rant
    Yeah, use nano
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    I love VIM, but I try not to shove it down peoples' throats. I like the brevity and ease of use it affords me, but I know not everyone wants to spend the month or two it takes ramping up to use it.

    It's kinda like if pianist all walked around saying "dude why are you singing? You should totally play the piano if you want to actually be a musician."
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    Odd one out: Visual studio
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