phones are radiation harmful for health.
but they are portrayed today everywhere as if it doesn'y cause any harm.
this knowledge is being lost. don't be a stupid and have herd mentality. be skeptic
here are some videos:

> phone manufacturers warns user in their manual to keep phones away from your body.

wake up, people

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    @craig939393 don't get fooled man
    The Cancer Institute.....Dying is big business and business is good....They arent even looking for a cure.

    we are all being brainwashed, to just take phones for granted. a whole atmosphere is created in which no one even question about the harms of phones. and anyone who questions is termed a non-scientific person.

    Telling people their phones are bad for them is like telling a heroin addict that heroin is bad for them! People are too stupid to listen.

    we need more people like Devra davis
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    Still much safer than sunlight
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    @electrineer sunlight is here for a very long time. so, that's not the problem, our body is evolved with it.

    The same corporate consciousness that told us cigarettes don't cause cancer are now saying 5g is safe.

    Science is ignored when it's conclusions threaten profit.
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    I'm a bit of curious about a few things:
    - If this was actually the case, in 10 years we would have seen some consequences (and please don't talk about "a global conspiracy hiding the truth", this is bullshit) - do you know we have widespread cellphone usage since the 90s?
    - With better cell tower coverage and new standards, phones actually radiate less.

    Even if cancer chance is "twice / four times" higher, the cancer risk does not increase by a high number (as the chance for this is still _very, very_ low).

    Last but not least: I used a professional radio device as a firefighter. Officially, it was not allowed to be used inside of a the car we used to drive. This wasn't because it was to be harmful, but the manufacturer did not want to pay money for certification for usage in vehicles.
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    @bestperson sunlight kills people because it contains ionising radiation (UV). 5G however does not. You'd know if you were awake at chemistry and physics classes at school.
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    @electrineer all i want to say is that, phones and radiation are bad for health. but everyone is acting like as if everything's fine. misinformation is being spread making people believe that these gadgets are completely safe. and anyone who raises questions is looked down upon.

    well, u can do nothing about Sun.
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    Yeah, people are dying like flies because of cell phones.
    Maybe all of the pandemic is a government troll and the earth is flat...

    Why is it that people feel special in spreading bs?
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    @sbiewald i'm not one of those people who burn 5G towers, wear tin hat and believe in conspiracies...

    the point is how can we trust these cellphone and telecom companies. it's money for them. they only conducts the research which prove their point.

    in 1994 in seattle Henry Lai with his study on rats was one of the first to report that cellphone like radiation damages DNA seen as a first hint of cancer when his work was reported his funding dried up.

    just because, something has become standard, doesn't mean that it's safe and good
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    @bestperson I am not inclined to dismiss conspiracy theories because true conspiracies are usually both shocking and surreal. That's basically the point.

    In this case though I have to agree with @sbiewald
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    @burningcandle here we go again. when did i say earth is flat?

    now, u r labelling me into the category of stupid people.

    i'm already getting downvotes. it's u who don't want to listen and look only at the one side of the issue. and if anyone who don't agree with you or raises questions, they are termed an idiot and ignored, their voices are suppressed.
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    @slaggathorr and u trust govt bcoz u want to be their gUdBoI, bcoz they r GuD ppl and bigComPaNiEs do everything for your benefit, profit comes last.

    how does that make u different from people who spread bullshit, I can get similar funny responses when I tell flatEarther that Earth is round and not flat. instead of discussing properly
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    @slaggathorr i'm not assuming, nor I have any desire to feel special. I want people to question, seek the truth and not believe anything you are spoonfed to believe.

    there are no grand conspiracies but carelessness and greed of bigCompanies. they don't want u to question, just follow
    cell phone industries are covering up all the dangers

    i don't have a belief; u r the one not using logic bcoz u r sticking to your belief. it's hard to detach people of their beliefs. just like, no matter how hard u try a flatEarther to reject his idea, he'll never do it. u r in the same category. whereas, i don't even belief, I'm open to new ideas. also, i don't believe in any cults, you do, just don't know it yet, bcoz u r part of it, u r in it

    devra davis is a nobel prize winner. listen to her:
    title: Dr Devra Davis: Wireless Devices: what we know; what we do not know; what we can do now
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    @bestperson this is typical: now you -the bearer of truth- are the victim in your story.

    You cant figure out why your provided YouTube "sources" are bs and you're calling us sheep because we don't believe your bs.

    And I'm not feeding the troll and more
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    @burningcandle very funny

    open ur eyes, u r being fed lies. and u r gobbling them.

    devra davish is a nobel prize winner. so, it's not bullshit.

    title: 5G, Wireless Radiation and Health: A Scientific and Policy Update

    u need to change your point of view as well your attitude. u sound like a conspiracy believer

    don't just ignore the electromagnetic radiation. there r real health hazards like brain tumors
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    it's not the power, but the pulse. over a long period of time, it has effects.
    the studies that says there are no harmful effects talks about the power but not the pulses.

    other countries govt like Israel, turkey, australia and canada knows this and talks about it openly. they have info. about how to keep yourself safe from phone radiation on their websites. US govt. doesn't says this to their citizens.

    title: How Your Cell Phone Might Be Killing You | Keen On...Dr. Devra Davis
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