Spent 1-2h (or it felt like so) fixing this one bug today. I'm still mad about it LoL. I knew exactly what was the problem, just didn't know where it was, and went over that piece of code time and time again and didn't see it... UGH THE FRUSTRATION. When I found the error I wanted to get inside a hole and die of how stupid a mistake it was and how it had been staring at me in the face, mocking me for being so dumb. ARGH!

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    Having spent days doing something like that, I have to say "it's OK, you'll never get used to it. But it happens. Like, a lot."
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    @lostinmyworld it's just so frustrating to have it stare at you and just not seeing it :') And the fault is (almost) always ours, so we have to blame ourselves for it. Oh well. I'm sure there's more like that in that project, it's not doing what I want it to and I haven't found the problema yet o-o
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    @DotM no, no. You've got it all wrong. "It's somebody other's mistake". That's the way to do it. Haha
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    @lostinmyworld ah yes. Even if the code was written by ourselves XD Got it XD
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