Just did an elixir job interview for tsg global, 10 hr test, got the email of fuck you email. Do not fuck with this company they will scam you out of your time i should have spent my 10 hrs wiser lesson learned, im going to be a homeless elixir dev with 20 yrs exp. All cuz parasitic companiess like this. I submitted a prod ready solution that was most likely what they wanted built and i did fir free cuz i dont wanna be homeless. I hate life.

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    What they did is highly fucking illegal.

    In fact I believe the word for it is: fraud.

    It's fraud.

    Submit an invoice and explain to HR on the phone that they can pay the invoice for your time or you can always take it to whoever in your country is charge of enforcing labor violations. HR is full of spineless wimps so they *should* roll over on this like wounded animals.

    And when you do, specify after the fact "I'm sure this is all just a mistake and won't you help me get this corrected today?"
    Say it friendly with a smile on your face when you do.
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    I think I had the same happen to me yesterday. The recruiter said they aren’t moving forward and he even said they didn’t give a reason. They gave me the shittiest code I’ve seen outside of what I saw in rants here, and wanted me to fix the bugs, add new features, refactor the code and give documentation. It was no small feat as the code was ABSOLUTE SHIT!! ABSOLUTE SHIT FROM AN AIDS MONKEYS ANUS! I made it super clean and went beyond the requirements. And what did they give me??? NOTHING!! NOT EVEN A FUCKING REASON WHY THEY DONT WANT ME!! FUCK THEM FUCK THEIR SHITTY FUCKING CODE FROM THEIR SHITTY FUCKING RETARD BRAINS FUCK THEIR SHITTY FUCKING ETHICS FUCK THEM!!!!
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