Coding saved me from a dark place. Computers saved my life. Coding gives me food and shelter so I won't starve to death homeless

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    India ?
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    Github copilot : Hold my beer
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    @sandeepbalan Tabnine & copilot decrease how much time it takes to write code.

    My job is maybe... 5-10% writing code. The rest is deciphering requirements, drawing up architecture, load testing, thinking about caching strategies, running back to the product managers to tell them their plan is full of inconsistenties, scrapping a branch, wiping whiteboards, zoom call to discuss why a database index is causing intermittent problems, checking Redis docs, monkey-testing something which isn't covered by integration tests, etc...
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    @sandeepbalan To be honest, if Github programmed a competent PM which can instruct an autopiloted code writer to iterate on ideas, then I'd be fucked.

    As it stands, the majority of development work is making up for shortcomings in PM/stakeholder/client communication & requirements.
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