I am an insecure person. Coding gave me a much needed boost in confidence in my skills.

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    Want to share how it did that?
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    @Zer0day Sure, I can try.

    I started coding at the age of 22. Before that I had no idea what I wanted to be and what to do with my life. I had trouble finding a job because I had no direction or 'skills'. This led to some problems with my self-worth.

    Then my partner introduced me to some simple coding. And I wanted more. It turned out I had a knack for this and learned very fast. The thrill of learning new and exciting things and being able to try and apply them immediately lifted me up. After some time I knew "This is what I want to do!".

    Now I work in the field as a lead developer and have amazing coworkers that I appreciate and in turn appreciate me.

    tl;dr: Had no job, no skills and no perspective which led to insecurities. Thanks to coding I found a job I am passionate and confident about.
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    ++ farming?
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    Thanks for sharing.

    From reading, will it be safe to say that the job is what did the magic?

    Because I think you had a skill, it's learning how to learn. You happened to pick the craft up very quick.

    Would you felt the same if you could code and not have a job? Or have a job ( outside tech) and not code?
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