Did you every have nothing to do on a regular basis?

I am really trying to show initiative and find the work but due to company focus shift my position I was hired for 4 months ago has become completely redundant. I am asking my senior dev and other (not even my project) for tasks but more frequently there are days where I finish anything they could come up with in 1-2h. I have found a side hustle I am doing in the meantime, I am learning other dev related things and my personal website gets a new style. What I though would be a dream feels terrible. I feel underappreciated and useless and I start to dread each workday. Sometimes I feel except for my team of 3 they dont even know I exist and earn good money. I am often forgotten on company events, meetings and my projects are being put in the freezer. I also hate the cringe company I am working for but I dont know if its already time to give up.

Did you ever have nothing to do at your job for more than a couple of days?

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    Man I wish I did :(

    I'd be polishing skills like crazy.
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    I had that for 3 months in the past. The work on the frontend was done and we weren't allowed to help the backend with there stuff (because of contract issues). I also did some personal stuff in the meantime just to get through the days. After 3 months I got a new project and I could sink my teeth into that till I got kicked out and the other guy who had be twiddling his thumbs next to me got that gig. In the end best thing for me as I got to work for 8 months abroad after that.
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    @molaram Naw... I'd probably try making a game ... ish .. thing.
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    Gonna be a lot of stick figures from me ...
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    If I got it (non native speak).. often I have one or two days "free" with few tasks or anyone, in this times I spent my time with tech debits, or studying. In the last company I made two or three projects of this way, studying and implementing during the work time. I made small apps, small games, and other stuffs.

    I also know what you are felling, when Im without tasks I'm felling like a impostor, without propose on the team, but forget that, take this time to study or if this projects is not good enough, try another job.
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    It made me grind my teeth because companies in the USA are sneaky fucks that start looking at their cost sheet and devs don’t have any souls
    It makes me wonder when the cut is coming if I’m the new guy
    And they know this
    Often the senior devs know the real pretense a person was hired under so they know when someone is going to be temporary but you can’t really hire people if you tell them “yeah you could be here six months or two years we don’t know”
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    Just hang in there and update your resume
    Don’t quit or they can deny you Uic
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    @MadMadMadMrMim Unless you are in a country where hiring people for short periods is common, because it's the best way to avoid any possible consequences arising from firing them. So you simply let them go when their contract ends or renew on regular basis. And so we're happy we have so many laws for employee protection, which are rendered useless given this workaround and we just live in uncertainty the last months every period period. ­čĹî
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    @Atahensic that’s the USA and many firms

    If you fire people before 6 months they don’t get unemployment even if they did previously which is bull shit because in essence they pay jack shut and are making the determination that someone’s life should be ruined

    Also contract to hire firms sometimes waive fees
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