Anyone here recently graduated from a Master’s degree in AI that could give me pros and cons? Also, how is the job market for it right now?

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    Dunno if relevant but what I've come across as common AI application in the workplace was mostly chatbots and PDF data extraction
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    Not a dev and not a masters grad but having worked on AI, I have some insights.

    Go for it. AI is the next thing. Possibly the biggest thing human race can see.

    Unlike Blockchain or any other tech, AI has many more use cases than what we can even imagine. It fits everywhere, irrespective of tech, domain, product, process, etc.

    That fancy things you see in sci-fi movies, all that is being worked on by different teams around the globe right now as I type this.

    Possibly the best career decision I made (even when I am not an active fan of AI as a concept).

    And yes, because of that the job market is amazing and one gets paid well with right skills.

    So, I'd say build your tool box and jump into it. Lots of success awaits.
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    @Floydimus thanks! That was a convincing argument
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