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So had a 1:1 with my manager today followed by 1:1 with lead.

I did bring up the topic that I felt a little insecure about being sacked.

Both of them reassured me multiple times that losing my job would be the last of the last things. We have so much work and going through a resource crunch to keep up with the pace.

There are still many things I have to learn here. I am glad that my proactive-ness has always helped me learn faster and better. This way, I was also able to offer a helping hand to my manager by saying if they need any help on the transitioning, I am will to take extra on my plate until we have a replacement.

A bumpy ride ahead for sometime but surely manager is impressed with the speed at which I ramped up and willingness to go beyond.

Overall, I see this as a good opportunity to step into the lime light, build an amazing product from scratch in a publicly traded company, and a good good chance to relocate to EU when I show them good results with my performance.

Overall, sky looks brighter but sea will be a little rough for some time.

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    I saw your previous post, looks like there will be responsibility on you and you are willing to take those. Overall it looks like a very good opportunity in front of you. Be aware that don't be a bottleneck, that's it otherwise gain that limelight and showcase your skills :)
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    @true-dev001 thanks.

    I agree. There could be some pressure to meet them deadlines and everything around might become overwhelming because I also have to learn a lot as it's a new gig for me.

    But since it's lockdown and there's nothing better to do, I am putting my head down into the work and churning as much output as I can.

    I am sure, there's a lot of learning coming my way. Today, I reap a good good harvest of all the efforts in past. And now I am working 10X of what I used to at my previous employer. So future surely looks great.

    Fingers crossed :)
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    @Floydimus Sounds great! Share some productivity tips if you can 😅
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    @true-dev001 What are your goals/what are you trying to achieve?
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