Indian Product Management community is the shittiest community for any professional domain.

Everyone is just focused on being a guru preaching shit to others when they themselves no nothing about the function or possess any significant skill(s) to perform at their job.

A bunch of bozos, themselves struggling to stay afloat, are saving others. Fucking hilarious.

What makes this worse is that the entire community is so inclined towards "cracking the interview" and landing a job.
Instead what they should be focusing on is teaching them younglings what the role is and how to develop the right skill set. More importantly why the role exist in the first place.

That way, they will automatically land a good gig and solve critical user problems.

No wonder, most products these days are bloated with garbage and PMs are only focused on engagement, retention, and more fancy buzzwords which make absolutely no sense.

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    preach brother
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    Agreed +1
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    Indian community is the worst, not only in devs.
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    I feel like preaching is a huge problem in the development community everywhere. Many juniors succeeding in one project start preaching their experience as "the way". And many (shitty) not so juniors that tried only one way in their entire career preach that way as "the way"
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    @hubiruchi this is anti-preach sermon
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    @hubiruchi I'd be more than happy to follow 'the way' if some fag has actually applied and has worked for them.

    Check this, one of my good professional friend and smartest in the community.

    Look at the question I asked and read the response I got.

    India and Indians are beyond me.
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    The field is getting bloated with a bunch of bullshit left and right.
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    @Floydimus lol
    @EpicofGilgamesh while I have my own "ideology" and belief on what is right, I don't preach it to anyone. I don't think it's my place to convince them that my view is better, and I also don't think it's worth my time
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