So I recently wacthed Prison Break

Right in the beginning, Michael takes the hdd out of his computer and throws it out the window

Me: Yea he should've dismantled that drive and thrown the pieces away in different places

Then later on someone else is trying to figure his plan and finds the drive and recovers data. Yea.. what did I say?

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    I had the same thought. The fact that he doesn’t get rid of it more meticulously is inconsistent with his character (he usually plans things to the very minute details).
    In any case the more you move forward with the series the more ridiculous it gets. I still had a fun time watching it
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    Another pro tip feat. idiotic politicians: When you give incriminating HDDs to a company using a pseudonym to shred the evidence, don't also give them your real phone number and then forget to pay.
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    Isn't that the show where they break out of prison in season 1, then break in in season 2 then break in in season 3 then ...

    Yeah, it gets ridiculous.
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    Why not just overwrite the data with zeros?
    One pass actually is enough for todays data densities.

    Obviously, using encryption from the start would be the real solution. But everyone can google how to wipe a drive when it already is too late for real sec ops.
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    @Oktokolo wasn’t it 2005 or so ?
    Oh god we’re getting old.
    But well, director told him to just throw them into the river.
    And then the director told the diver to fucking find a hard drive in a big ass river. After half a year they bloody were able to find it. Good on them!

    Still love the series.
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