So my coworker asked for help with his work. I understand that sometimes talking about the problem with someone else will help solve the problem, but seriously, don't ask me "How do I fix this?". If you wanted me to help you fix something, go to lunch and let me work on it for a couple of hours. I can't fix something by telling you what to do. I need time to look into the problem myself, do research, and run tests on my own. Telling to do that over your shoulder is a complete waste of our time.

Also, his attitude of complete helplessness is tiring. It's hard to help someone who continually reminds you of how much he just wants to give up.

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    Neverless you should try to get along with him. Nothing worse than a workplace with people you cant stand.
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    @GrumpyGerman we do get along, but I would just need to look through his problem myself to see what exactly is wrong. I have no problem if he just wants to talk things out to better understand the problem himself.
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