My dad at my age: Running a whole department in the navy

Me at my age: Panicking because the company let me have my own project

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    Take your time.
    Everyone is different.
    Just be happy.

    A small step each day toward your goals.

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    That's so awesome bro. Congratulations.

    And yes, take your time and don't let imposter syndrome kick in.

    I believe in you. Go forth and do well.
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    I would go for making as much as mistakes in the first project rather than in my 10th.
    So try new. Make mistakes.
    Either succeed ( all good ) or learn ( followed by firing)
    Still win-win.
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    First - Don't panic.
    Second - Don't put your father's "accomplishment" at the same age above your own. Why? The military has entire volumes of manuals, protocols, and chains of command to support just about any serviceman in any position. Until you hit the decision-making of the upper echelon, running X vs. running Y is a matter of which field manual to pull. They don't dare take the risk of doing shit from scratch ANYWHERE.
    Third - Now that you've decoded what I said, and you recognize that what you're doing is actually more impressive than your Father, go back and re-read my instructions for "First";)

    Be honest.
    Ask for feedback & help.
    Make small mistakes.
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    yeah but the navy is layered so everyone has a simplistic job in the long run.

    and mainly its just a company unless he was in a combat unit.
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    My dad at my age: hoeing some fields painfully for nothing
    Me: heading a company and making more money than I can use
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