any good tool which can make my usb boot able? Trying to install majaro.
Elementary os is so buggy

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    Are you currently on Linux?
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    Linux: Unetbootin
    Windows: Rufus
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    @kpenc yes I have dual boot though elementary os and windows
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    Bruh use poweriso
    Open the .iso file that has the os with poweriso
    Then go to options and click on bootable usb
    Done ... but might take file to write files on the usb device and cpu
    Only Windows .
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    @dark0 You don't need a gui then. The dd command woeks like a charm. You need to format your usb drive as fat32 and then dd if=<the iso image> of=<the usb device e.g. /dev/sdc> bs=4M. That's it, no need for GUI.
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