I just experienced near death because of high blood. Super strong blood pressure. Avoid coffee, playing games, and sleeping very late at night. This is my advice as a survivor developer. I want to share this to help you. For fast deadlines or hard user stories, always negotiate reasonably with your SM or PM or PO or client.

Thank God he have me a 2nd chance at life. Take care of your health. Don't worry about deadlines. Health is more important. Always pray. I deleted all of my games especially my beloved call of duty mobile and clash of clans. I'll forget all games that I know because those contributed to my high blood pressure.

When you have a headache or head pressure or eye twitching . Stop what you are currently doing and relax, measure your blood pressure and contact your family asap. Take it seriously. My wife saved me.

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    When you have a near death experience for the first time, you will remember it and it is a life changing experience. It will instantly remove your hard vices like playing games, coffee, etc. Hope I have helped you guys with my advice. Have enough sleep. Exercise, eat healthy foods and have lots of sleep. your body and health is not always strong. It will reach its limit eventually if you keep doing bad things, vices.

    I consider high blood pressure near death experience and very serious. If my wife is asleep I would have died or if the ambulance did not arrive on time I will die. I felt I can't focus on breathing any longer and the back of my head will explode any time.
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    @Devnergy me reading this at 02:30 am:*taking notes*
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    "hard vices like playing games, coffee..."

    Me, being superhuman enjoying both without consequence.
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    I experienced something to pop in my eye due to pressure. It hurted for several months after that.

    It happened because I over concentrated while staring at screen. Eye processing load plus imagination load applied pressure to the same field.

    I check to not over pressure myself now, and during over heavy thinking I make sure to close eyes. Or just to relax if I feel that I reach the same threshold of pressure.

    Thankfully eye splendidly healed itself.
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    Scary, dude. Considering it's so normalised. Thank god you got saved. Take care.
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    Been telling my bf for ages not to eat too much red meat and playing games for hours. Being a stubborn he is as expected.

    I was also often awake until early morning but that because I am a night owl. I made sure I sleep during the day for min 8h when I do that.

    So basically I just let him do whatever he wants until he develop high blood pressure and end up in hospital, for him to be able to return back to healthy life, eh?
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    I read somewhere "if you don't give your body a day off, it will take one for you."
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    Can you give the exact numbers so that we know what's the limit?
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    @cho-uc show my post to your bf so he can read this. Life and health are very precious. Take care of it before it's too late.
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    Thank you
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