My neighbor and I got talking about vitamins and supplements. He said he uses ginkgo biloba and it helps his awareness and concentration. So I gave it a shot this week. I am feeling a lot more aware and awake and I think I am sleeping better. I figured I would share as we make our money with our brains. So anything to help the brain is good I think.

Please share your brain health solutions. I see a lot of people on here mentioning problems in this area. So maybe we can help with that.

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    Keep us updated. It would be interesting to know if it helps long term.
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    Its known that the extracts from the leaves helps with concentration, dementia and similar congnitive diseases.
    It also helps the blood flow.
    But it can cause stomache problems.
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    Eat lots of walnuts and blueberries, drink lots of water, exercise. All good for higher brain function.
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    That sounds nice. How much are you taking? I wanna try it out.

    We've been in quarantine for 18 months and the only exercise I get is during grocery runs (we have a small place and I can't go to the gym). So any supplements would be very welcome.
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