Truth has been told. Nothing is better than linux.

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    @BrianValente that doesn't even make sense :D
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    Think so. I remember my Arduino is made in Italy as well ...
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    @JerreMuesli Do your homework and find out what exactly is Linux.
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    @kpenc I did my homework, linux is the car that a mechanic built in his garage with junk yard parts, but not only one, a lot of mechanics are building their own car, they only share the junk yard they are getting the parts from. While, we are cruising in our comfortable cars, those mechanics think they accomplished something by building a car with junk parts.
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    @ygtgngr Nope. There is a great engineer who built the car internals like the engine, the transmissions, the pumps, etc. Also there are teams of other engineers who use the already built internals to build whole cars. Different teams choose to add different extras but at the end of the day there is a car for everyone's (who can drive a manual transmission) taste.
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    @kpenc aptly explained. And hence it will never be, which is the best (better in this case) Linux. The answer is whichever suits you! Nothing less nothing more.
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