I've always wanted to post a rant here whenever I get pissed about something at work mostly because of the management and the people I work with. It rarely happenes but if I encounter one, I start to post something and end up changing my mind about not posting it because I'm afraid I am not the only devranter on our team or even other teams that I work with and they might figure out that it was me ranting because of the details I include in the rant. So I try to calm down instead and try to find a way to handle the situation.

Damn I'm never getting my free stress ball here

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    Change names and positions a bit, be vague about projects... no problem
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    You need to learn the art of ambiguous ranting.
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    @Eariel You said that so much better than I did...
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    @ghost1227, thanks. It was because I was ambiguous 😆 Talking in a philosophical way always makes stuff look good, even if you don't know what you're talking about.
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    Start the rant with "FUCK THIS SHIT!!!" or something close enough .
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