These little mascots are protecting my server and ensuring only the cleanest of code is written 😂

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    cuteness overload
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    Mine to! 🙂 I blame him for my desk always being so messy...
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    oh i love the pretty little wuzzy faces.
    you'ze a good little kitty yes you arez yes you arez
    who do i like better than their master ? you thats who. do you wanna fuzzy wuzzy, do want a snuzzy fuzzy, do you wanna eat your master, do you wanna blend him after, do you like him in can ? do you like his repeat rant ? do you like him on the clock, do youze shit him in a box.

    oh you such pretty pretty lil thingamijjers i loves you :)
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    @ilechuks73 they're mine you bastard. MINE ! DIE !
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    You're right, the cleanest code is no code. 🤷‍♀️
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    There are a lot of misconceptions about what a CAT actually does and how it is best integrated into a developer workflow.
    The CAT definitely does not reduce (or increase) the count of bugs per count of code statement/expression terms.
    But it may lead to the impression of less bugs because bugs tend to be burried deeper in the code base. Look out for places the CAT avoids digging into - that is where you might find some real crap...
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    i get depressed by things that bring other people joy.

    like extremely fat guys talking about dieting.
    i mean like morbidly obese guys
    makes these people feel happy
    makes me feel self conscious even though I really could be free of my gut inside half a year of weight lifting added to my long walks.

    same guys too. god quit wasting my goddamn time !
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    @YouAllSuck what are you on?
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    @ainsclark the stupid life you people made.
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    @y@YouAllSuck cool!
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    @ainsclark how often in your life has someone said they'd like to gnaw your head off ? :P
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    Cats are gae
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    @SuaveSteve cats are the most wonderful creatures on the face of the planet when they're tame and not psycho !
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    Cats are always psycho.

    But guess the heat of the servers is the purrrfect place
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    Arguably, cats would prefer an inefficient code that overloads the system. More load - more heat - warm El Catto heaven.
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    Your server is a mac book. A man of culture :)
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