!rant, but some kind of story

I work as a lead dev on a gmod server of a pretty big german community. With the fun stuff, there come the duty‘s to help Jr. Devs or even help people get into Developing. The part, where you help junior devs is always fun, but what I find interesting is the part where you help people learn coding. It’s not easy work, but you learn more every “lesson”. I catch myself exploring and learning something new, even if I know the topic. For me it’s a new journey every time.
Not sure if there are many people who can relate but I just wanted to tell my side on it.

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    I had a similar experience as a computer science tutor for a local Community College. Although because I was tutoring for a school, there were plenty of people who weren't actually interested in programming and just took the course for credits or because it's required for a game design degree or something.

    But the ones who were genuinely interested were absolutely delightful to teach, and teaching helped reinforce the concepts in my own mind and helped me further my own understanding of the subject.
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