Me: Hey, my laptop (with stickers on it) is in for repair, can't get any work done.
Friend: Oh, that sucks, we going to be delayed launching our app!
... few days later ...
Friend: Hey, did u get it back yet?
Me: They ended up giving me a brand new one cause they couldn't repair it.
Friend: That's awesome man, you got lucky!
Me: F*@$ that, I LOST MY STICKERS!

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    *hugs* 😭
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    I'm thinking of buying myself a new laptop soon, but I already fell sad for my stickers on the current one.
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    You can use a hairdryer (or a heat gun for everybody feeling a bit hardcore) to remove the stickers from your old laptop.

    BUT I haven't tried it yet...
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    I'm sorry man.. That sucks. Feel the same. That piece of hardware becomes something very personal due to the stickers. At least I feel like it.
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    The 'do not try this at home' advice
    Thank you very much @SteveIrwin
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    It is just a logo :(

    I got that sticker, like many of the ones I have on my laptop on an IT conference in my city.

    Not sure if there is an English version but here is website:
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    @gacbl that URL though... Awesome!
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