Can we collectively as an industry just calm down a little and stop lying to ourselves in a misguided attempt to inflate our sense of purpose...

I just stumbled upon a job listing for a WordPress developer position that described it as "helping solve the big problems of the day". Seriously?! Let's stop and get real you're probably just building themes. Maybe a plugin or two. So just relax and accept you're just another web developer building yet another 💩site you're not solving "the big problems"...

... Then again it IS WordPress...

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    Are you saying big problems can't be solved with wp? Weird, I've solved big problems with wp.
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    It could be that wordpress is the big problem of the day and they need someone to solve it.
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    @darkcode I'm not directly saying it but MAY be very strongly implying it 😉

    Seriously, I'm on the side of favoring the person over the tool (most things we do can be achieved in any number of ways) - this just happened to be the self-aggrandizing job description that pushed me over the edge ... but I'm unnaturally cynical
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    I mean, I would for sure call WordPress a big problem of the world
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