The fuck did I do wrong?

So I had 11 vulnerabilities 1 high.
I just npm audit fix

Now it’s 44 vulnerabilities

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    Sounds like you need some recursion.
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    i guess...
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    I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there…
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    No one in the whole world can fix those vulnerabilities, live with it.
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    You got wrong at “npm”.
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    npm audit is the ultimate “tool that cried wolf”. If it ever actual finds a real vulnerability, how the fuck will we know?!

    Good idea. Terrible execution.
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    Mm, yes, the classic "let's run audit to fix it" when a dependency requires a dependency with a vulnerability in it. Fun times.
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    Avoid the problem altogether!
    Don’t use NPM.
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    You used node lol
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    @iiii oh duck that retard with a pitchfork
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    I feel like a people in my environment are dedicated to dropping 20 years of their lives without noticing and have succeeded
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    @Root what to use? I said in interview i can do some frintend . Hopefully i will not need working with npm :)
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    @Angry-dev Yarn is a little better.

    But really, if you’re doing frontend there isn’t much choice.
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    On the other hand, the majority of that 44 are probably also present in the older versions, just nobody researches them.
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