Importing modules in python is the biggest shit i have done in my life. ALWAYS SOMETHING IS NOT FOUND. I have no fuckin clue who came up with this shit. I fuckin hate python for that so so much

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    I am gonna have to go with it is the easiest. I keep a requirements.txt with all the shit I use all the time and every time I set up a new venv to play with, I just use that. One pip install and boom, ready to go. Salt and pepper to taste as you find things, add to the list.

    *disclaimer: do not install all the things ever to deploy to prod
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    I also use and recommend the requirements.txt method that @atrabilious mentioned
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    @atrabilious That or Pipfile/pypoetry.toml. The only reasonable way to really work with Python packages.
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    same as @atrabilious too

    pip is a good tool,

    you can use "pip freeze" when you have your setup and dump that to a requirements.txt

    after that it's barely different from NPM, though python usually results into much slower requirements files in my experience.

    make sure you're using the env module when setting up projects, If you always install everything to global/local repository you're going to end up with a bit of a mess. Separate environments are incredibly easy to maintain and move around :)
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    @Hazarth yeah, that’s why I put my disclaimer. I may install everything while mucking around in code to figure out what I’m doing, but then limit my test deploy to only what I used. Bloat is a thing and should never be pushed up the env chain.
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    Really interesting the they call it easy language
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    Python? It's a hyped language. If PHP or Javascript gets its own mature AI packages then python is dead.

    Npm and composer are way better than pip.
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    @Angry-dev it is easy until you try to do something big and complicated
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    Yeah man felt the exact same way when I tried
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    In addition to what @atrabilious said, there's also containers etc. - just handle the problem once and reuse your env
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    F’k Python. Sick of hearing all the raving about how amazing it is.
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    I love python. It's relatively easy to learn and use. It's powerful, with a great community. However, every time I install it in a new environment I have to go through a different version of configuration hell.

    The virtual environments sound like a solution, but they have their own problems. Look up 'conda' in stackoverflow and see how many people have problems getting it to work.

    This has to get better.
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