So how true is this?

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    A web developer who uses Go as backend
    Builds then uploads
    Lots of spare time
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    If reboots take long enough for coffee, you need a new sysadmin.
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    @Ashkin It depends on the server, but yeah.
    We can still use "it's updating" though.
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    @jAsE I mostly use a virtual machine with public endpoints, with the build pointing to the endpoint (PORT).
    Or one can use Heroku too.
    Check my repo https://github.com/shubhodeep9/...
    Its one of my golang APIs hosted on a VM.
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    I'd love to know the magic sysadmin incantation to make an r920 with a terabyte of ram start in under 30 minutes.
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    Forgot to add the app developer using their phone saying they are testing the app, lol.
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    As a graphics guy...very true
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    @SHA-256 Your (avatar's) hair does look like the 3D artist stick figure...
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    @Jilano Well it's the closet that at least looks somewhat similar to my irl hair....
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