I waste 50 minutes reading tutorials and StackOverflow answers just to configure to my Git and GitHub account so that I can push the main local branch to the main remote branch from my terminal, and I still can't do it.


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    Edit: Ok, I have done it now.
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    Keep it up and never stop. In a couple weeks to months you'll be a pro at it!

    Having skills in git is one of the best tools in your toolbox.
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    After a while the logic seems obvious. And when you reach that spot you will never forget it again. You might have to look up the exact syntax for a terminal command but you will understand exactly which one you need to use. Just keep it up :)
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    They're right, once you get it it's like riding a bike. And it is worth the struggle.
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    @angga2oioi idk about that
    Knowing your way around the basics on the git command line is a good skill to have I think
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