Hey everyone. Not sure if we're allowed to do this or not. If not, whoops sorry. Anyway, I'm Vylcas. New to DevRant and developing things as a whole. Currently know html, css, and python. Trying to get better and figure out which direction to go. Hope DevRant has some chill people for something with an emphasis on ranting. Really excited to start using this app to see whats out there. Guess thats all. Have a nice day!

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    Hi! Welcome to devRant. I'm currently learning JavaScript, and it's cool so far.
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    @d3vcho Thanks! I haven't touched it yet merely because I don't do much web stuff yet. Is JavaScript as annoying as people make it out to be?
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    @Vylcas It's better to use a cool framework instead of using pure JavaScript, so I'd say yes, it is :P
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    @d3vcho Better to use a tool than reinvent the wheel. I recall watching a YouTube video once where this guy claimed that game developers who used Unity or Unreal Engine 4 were not "true developers" because they used engines that already existed. So he decided the best thing to do was to make his own game engine from scratch. The guy never made it very far. Half a year into his project he didn't have anything beyond a basic window that could handle doom-like movement.
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    My vision is: if you can write it yourself, write it yourself. Maybe you'll learn something.
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