I hate Xcode so fricking much!
I hate Macs in general, and trying to export for iOS.
So convoluted, counter-intuitive.
And cocoapods? WTF are they?!

Visual Studio, Android Studio + Flutter is so easy: "flutter build" ....done!
But YOU, you fucking xcode peice of wank....are summink ELSE!

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    "xcodebuild project" in command line or click on run button in IDE ....done!

    What is your problem besides that you apparently hate anything as long as it is not running on Windows?
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    @Lensflare in his defence sometimes in flutter I do get issues from Xcode but I did get handful of issues in react native every now and then because of bad dependencies and having to deal with pods mess.
    In Android it's less complicated and in visual studio I rarely faced such issues

    But for pure swift projects only issue I face is with storyboard/live preview

    Starting Xcode 11 I rarely get issues while typing code, but in previous version I got a lot ... And work Mac is 32GB with 7500rpm HDD its definitely not hardware poor performance when I only have safari, Xcode and emulator
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    @gitpush fair enough. But has nothing to do with what OP said 🙂
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    @Lensflare good point reading it again makes me feel guilty 😓
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    "export for iOS"? You mean build a signed app? I remember saying the same shit as you long ago, before I took the time to understand code signing, provisioning and app distribution.
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    Can you compare „flutter build“ with Xcode ?
    Thought that flutter is a way of compiling to native Code (Xcode/Android-Studio)
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    What's happening here, I am saving for a macbook pro m1. Am I missing something ðŸĪŠ
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    @Lensflare the fact that that line of code doesn't work - you have to set up a team first. Even the process of having to give a DUNS number to set your company up to set an account up to pay the developer charge in order to even TRY and create a TEST version of an app is ridiculous.
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    @Hastouki I've launched ios apps for other companies before, so I've been through the pain already. And now I'm doing it all again. And again.
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    @ojt-rant meanwhile in Android world, it...just works. No DUNS...no developer license or set up for testing unsigned apps, no cocoapods. So easy, so simply, so fast, so elegant.
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    Not to mentioned using a Macbook feels like I'm trying to shake hands with a cat
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    @gitpush Safari can suck a dick too though imho :D
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    @ojt-rant needing to deal with developer accounts and signing sucks, I agree.
    Still it has nothing to do with xcode or mac. No need to hate it because of that.
    If you don’t like cocoapods, there is also Carthage or the nice SPM.
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    @Lensflare Xcode takes my hatred because that's what they push it all through, and it's ugly as hell.
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