Just remembered this which is perfect for this app 😂

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    @runfrodorun But then it would be difficult to hammer a nail or build a shelf with linux, wouldn't it? :)
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    And windows 95 or Me or 2000?
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    @runfrodorun @ghosty
    Vader himself can do both, and he's most certainly the macOS type!
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    I would like to think of Linux as a Swiss army knife. With lightsabre and hammer included.
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    Why there is camera on windows 10??
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    @Nayan because they watch your every move
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    What 🤐😮😮😮🙁 I just installed windows 10 for hacking practise. Fuck!!!! I thought windows 10 would keep more privacy. Time to reinstall windows 7. 😑😑
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    @Nayan haha sorry to break it to you man
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    So Windows 7 is perfect? I hate to be that guy, but just turning the Windows 7 hammer just slightly will result it in being a normal hammer...
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    @Ghosty We use the force for that (part of the training before you build a ls). Also the back end of the sabre is also known as a blunt force tool e.g. hammer/goodnight.
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