It's weird no one seems to be mentioning a major problem with mordern Intel CPUs: Turbo boost. On newer laptops I always turn gimmick off now. Half the time the safeties don't kick in and you end up with 100+ degree C on your CPU for sustained amount of time (especially compiling!). Keep that happening over a couple of years I would not be surprised if that contributed heavily on battery stress and the shortening of the product... *cough* Apple "80°C+ idling is totally normal" *cough* (Actual reply from Apple when I queries about my McToasty 2015!)
Anyone else noticed this issue?

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    70+ is totally fine, your laptop heatsink wont cool it much further
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    @RazorSh4rk I don't know man, all my laptops previous to that Mac (last 2 before that machine being both i7) ran around 40C idle and 75-80 full load. 80C idle isn't a laptop unless you enjoy your quads well-done to charcoaled in my book.
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