My designer just had an user interview where the user is a developer and my designer showed him the mock-ups of a no code tool that we are building, asking the dev for his input.

She literally had a session with a guy announcing him that we are building a tool that will put him out of work and moreover asked him for inputs so that we miss no use case.

And in another story, one of my dev lead decided to decommission an entire feature and replace it will a hacky solution because the devs in her team were not comfortable using the current design in their development stage. Hence, without user research, any strong use case, or considering business implications, she went ahead and drafted the entire approach on how to fuck everyone.

I am out of my honeymoon phase at my new org and I am scared. Shit scared.

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    Jebus ... how do those folks not just accidentally walk out into the street and get hit by a bus?
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    @N00bPancakes and all these mess creators are Indians.

    Fucking hate it.
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    First seems entirely reasonable unless I'm missing something. Who better than a developer of the thing the tool is replacing to give you feedback on whether the tool will work fine or not?

    Besides, it seems way too extreme for a dev to get fired just because the thing they were working on got automated, unless it's incredibly specialized?
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    I'd say you probably will end up with developers working on the first tool anyways, maybe even the guy interviewed...
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    @RememberMe well the end users are better than the developer that will be using the tool.

    And putting dev out of work does not necessarily mean the dev will be fired on the spot.

    @YADU well yes, but devs aren't the primary user base.
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    @Floydimus I meant the dev isnt gonna be out of a job cause he's going to be working on the tool
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    @YADU oh wait.. I confused everyone it seems.

    So here's the deal, customer have their own dev teams to build the product.

    Now my org has decided to build the entire platform for customers to build the tool themselves using no code interface without a need for any dev.

    Hence, the devs from customer's team would be affected sooner or later. But ofc not to an extent that they might lose their jobs, who knows though.

    Also, the dev in the context in post, was from customer side and was so enthusiast about his Github repo, his code, and everything tech. When we presented the no code approach, I could visibly see the disappointment on his face of all that tech being taken away from him and he being forced to sit in from of a fancy UI dragging and dropping components.
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    @Floydimus ah I see.

    To be fair we already have lots of drag and drop tools for making websites already, and still need webdevs...
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    @YADU the one that we are building isn't just for building websites. It's next level AWS shit.
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    @Floydimus damn maybe a lot more webdevs are going to be out of work soon...
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    @YADU yes and that doesn't seem cool.
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    @Floydimus you're right but that's been happening in a lot of industries for a while now.

    At least those devs can in theory get another job programming somewhere else.
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    @YADU folks just upgrade to another level with their creativity when machines take their mundane repetitive jobs.
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    @Floydimus or they end up on welfare since their entire industry has been wiped out and they can't do any other jobs.
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    @YADU we still have time before robots feed us.
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    @UnicornPoo we are building something.

    I cannot reveal much but Amaozn and Google have built some cool no/low code stuff which is pretty awesome and scalable.
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