Ok so was dating this girl who n has a 8 year old I was with her for 4 year her son calls me dad... Long fucked up shit story short. She cheated fucked me over all that cool I stayed for the kid... A few months later I catch her in my son's bed with another dude.. ya I know right my apartment my everything!!!! How could she right.... but as most men knows Once Upon and gets caught doing something they turn into something completely unrecognizable in ridiculous. If I do whatever she says and wants to still let me in her son's life!! And as soon as I left my apartment to her she moved some dude in with his two kids and stole everything that I had.. so I had to get coppers involved to try to get some stuff... I mean I was free balling to work with no socks .. no towels nothing... you can only imagine how badly I wanted to go into my apartment and destroy this dude.... But for my son's sake I bit my lip and took it... she got a hold of my spare car keys both spare key tab and keys... shortly after I left they run my truck of all my HVAC technician tools... Then to make it worse some months later she emptied out my truck again... and you can only imagine how upset I was about everything because I love that kid and I don't want him to have to go through anything.... Someway somehow her and her new boyfriend got some guys off GitHub I mean I'm getting torn up out here ... GPS trackers .. people following me... and everytime I leave my truck or leave anything that gets broken into and stolen... it was so bad that they even made me lose my job at three different stores that I was working not because of my performance but every time I would walk outside of work my truck wouldn't start or it would be completely ransacked. Someone plz HELPPPPP and yes that's like the 4th GPS tracker that I've taken out of my second vehicle now because of this crap it is literally almost ruined my life

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    My phone's completely f***** all my clothes everything it's all got bugs in and acts crazy... someone please
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    Go to the police.
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    @nickpapoutsis just made police reports.. they have to be caught red handed... Other wise it's at civil matter I would have to try to take them to court! Wtf!
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    Jesus christ man you should make her life miserable. I don't know you and you might be an asshole (no offence) but the way she treats you really is not done. Get her out of your appartment, it's yours, not hers, and demand that she treats you with respect. I would have.kicked her out along with all her stuff and would have told her to go fuck herself. Let her handle her own shit. It's not her responsibility. For the record: I know how it feels raising someone elses kid that calls.you daddy. Been there done.that. It will be very painful but you'll get over it. Good luck man and don't let her take advantage of you
    You're a man, right?
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    @CodeMasterAlex haha! Yes and I'm over it all im just sickkk of the shit. There's reasons behind why they haven't fell in a ditch somewhere.. doesn't matter... I need someone to help speed up my skills or help me out either way will be reworded nicely. That's all I can say for now
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    Good luck.
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