I hate StackOverflow. I answered 3 question in this week and the fuckers don't even read it. AT LEAST MARK THE FUCKING QUESTION ANSWERED IF YOU ASKED IT.

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    Sounds like you actually care about that points.
    Gamification works - sadly.
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    Maybe it wasn't good answer and they are too kind to not downvote you, be grateful.
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    @Oktokolo I don't care, I just want to get to 15 rep so I can upvote answers. After that I don't care.
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    @theabbie If the answer I gave is not good than write a comment and say "It's not working". That simple.
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    I think you hate people, not stackoverflow itself.
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    Maybe stackoverflow should spam them with notifs or at least make it easier for them to mark as answered their questions? What kind of solution do you have in mind?

    I think maybe a feature where they can’t ask another question unless they’ve marked their last question as answered.
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    @Oktokolo it's also just good to know how whether you were right in your solution.
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    Probably they are new users who don't know how stackoverflow works. They just are here to get their questions answered and then just leave. The community was very vibrant earlier, now people are just careless.
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