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    No, it is autofill and autocorrect
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    programming is research, stackoverflow, chrome tabs, coffee, that annoying intern, project manager's deadline and a lot more
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    Programming for me is slapping my dick on the keyboard and wondering why it works 🤔
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    Well... Disagree. Programming is typing random things, over engineering small and useless stuff, debates on "where should that { stay" and 1 hour discussions on how to name a variable. Then hurrying to respect unrealistic deadlines, getting burnt out, starting 5 personal projects that will never see life, reinventing the same things again and again, listening to music in an noisy open space, working with people with 10 experience that have no idea what they are doing (not always), change jobs, starting a new fantastic job, getting excited, being happy to work on meaningful projects and then... Your team leader says you have to respect some weird convention which is not standard and not recommended by the community. And you can't be mean, he is a nice guy and a friend but you want to scream while head banging on the wall. Then it's about opening DevRant and writing an essay... That seems to be much more realistic programming.
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    This needs to be spread like the plague
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    At least low-level programming is. The higher the level, the more you have to follow conventions and the language syntax.
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    Programming, technically, is typing. CODING is thinking about what you're typing and how to do it in the best way
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    @SpencerBeige was it not the other way around?
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