I wanted to develop a programming language since all programming languages have some shortcoming of their owns so as I walk further along in developing custom parser generator and so forth, I get to the point where I have to consider implementing the Language Server Protocol for the programming language only to realize that while ironically LSP was supposed to make it easy to to have autocompletion features and other stuff made available to other editors, you still end up requiring to make plugins/extensions for such editor like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Codes anyway despise the fact that LSP was meant to solve that. Meanwhile over at Linux Land, we have Kate editor that can be configured to simply connect to LSP server and require no plugin/extension to do so, you just specify it in json config and that's that.

Microsoft... you created LSP protocol and yet you want Plugin/Extensions still for VSCode/Visual Studio even though LSP was made to address that... Make up your mind, ffs. P.S. I have no interest in writing 100,000 LOC of extension/plugin for your editor if it can't get it's $#!^ together.

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