Anyone else sick of all the whining about college on here? It’s a CS degree. They are going to teach you science. Not to mention that Stack Overflow did a survey in 2015 and found that nearly half the developers didn’t have degrees. If you’re so much smarter than your professors then you should have no problem finding a job. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to not have to pay for school; you should just be thankful that you’re a step up in going for management positions and shut up. On the other hand, if you’re paying (going into debt) for school; then maybe you should take a step off the safe and well-trodden path and put a little faith in yourself. There is an abundance of free training online. I thought devs were supposed to be free-spirited rebels. Didn’t any of you see ‘Hackers’?

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    True. Quit college if you don't like what is taught in college instead of whining!!
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    Not necessarily, you may like what's taught. Sometimes it's just so hard you can't do much other than complain.
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    @sarc I can see myself in that.
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    I liked what I did in college , what I didn't like nor ever came to accommodate with was and still is the way the teachers teach and grade . My uni has some of the oldest teachers in this country , some of them even have fucking busts and halls named after themselves . Those guys ruined it so bad...imagine that I had a systems theory course and I chose to learn from Oppenheim's courses from mit and I realised that our course was just a bad translation and interpretation of that . They failed me twice for not drawing like fucking Matlab .
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    The best thing to see on the internet is people whining about the people whining on the internet.
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    @Pac23 Being forced into college for visa requirements really sucks. The point of my rant was that in America at least, it's no longer a requirement to get your foot in the door.
    @jAsE I think college in most countries is a fraud on some level. Most degrees could be trimmed down a few years and a few thousand dollars if they focused only on required skills. But there are a lot of antiquated ideas in universities that just won't die.
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    This is called devRant. We're supposed to rant. Those with jobs rant about work and those in school rant about that. If you don't like the college rants then downvote them and they won't show up in your feed anymore.
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    @ryanmhoffman You said it. We're supposed to rant on here so I'm just doing my part. Besides, ranting about rants is totally meta.
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    @phuzisham meta ranting...feels like metagaming in d&d :))
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