2 things I can not understand.
1)how my programming works.
2)what the fuck this new update of what's app about??? A status? fuck!

Worst update ever. Fuck I can not handle videos and photos of people who sends useless messages. Fuck!! 😫😫😫😫

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    He he I did not update, probably I'll never do it :))
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    @AdrianD it will force you in a few days.
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    Facebook is really pissed that it couldn't buy Snapchat
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    What they wanted to have: Snapchat in whatsapp
    What they got: Memes and attention hoes reposting snapchat screenshots
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    You can disable it, but you've to do it for each one of your contacts
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    Well you have to understand that this is a war going on between sc and fb.
    It got kind of personal when the SC founder mocked Zuckerberg.

    Sc is about to have its stock market launch and by copying SCs functionalities everywhere, Facebook is sort of ruining SCs potential stock market price.

    So this is a smart move even if the functionality is unpopular.
    It is more about sending message to potential investors.
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    True that lol
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