How long (what % of day) are you fully focused (contentrated) on programming on average per day? How many hours is your work day? The longer the hours, the harder to stay focused we probably can agree. How are you doing in carreer - good or not, can tell as detailed as you might want to share.

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    For me, it's a maximum of 5 hours of concentration on programming until my family broke a war against me *Studies Apart*
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    My usual was 5-7 hours of concentration on work over a usual 10-13 hour day. I didn’t track time, so this is a guess. (I have a lot of meetings which eat my time, and so does family.)

    Unsurprisingly, I’m incredibly burned out, and for other reasons: depressed. I have been trying to work more normal hours lately, and it’s been helping a little. I’ve been averaging (at a guess) 3-4 hours of concentration a day over a 7-8 hour day.

    (I bought a nice time tracker a week ago; I’ll know more in a few weeks.)
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    @Eklavya "until my family broke a war against me"
    what do you mean?
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    @Root if day is 10 hours, to concentrate only 5 does not look productive. Then could do 6 hour day and concentrade same 5 hours and you have way more time left.
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    @Root "(I bought a nice time tracker a week ago; I’ll know more in a few weeks.)"

    Why need to spend money on this? there are free trackers, like clockify.me is ok.
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    A few hours (around 3), especially after I was granted a junior mentee. I'm doing fine
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    @Angry-dev Meetings. Meeting recovery. Time lost switching tasks. Interruptions. Not being able to concentrate. All of these eat time, and a lot of it.

    Five hours of concentration in a day means I get a considerable amount of work done. I’m not talking about “trying to get work done,” but actively getting work done, aka being “in the zone” or “in flow.”

    Also, I bought a tracker with a physical device I can just turn to change tasks. That way it’s not a distraction.
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    @Angry-dev being a student, my parents want me to focus on studies rather than contribute such time to programming. So that I said
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    Before this year about 50/50 over a 8hour day.

    Tis year it's been closer to 1 or 2 hours of work and 4 hours or so of meetings and calls.

    The time in between I just loose all focus and let the day burn between meetings these days, really just riding the burn out now 🙁

    Even weekends i just can't get motivated to do any thing, even just something on the side is to much to bother with.
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    Normally about 5 maybe hours of coding and analysis a few hours of research and zoning out and shop talk and recharging as my wrists start hurting and my ass falls asleep so I end up needing to stand up and walk and talk and or use the restroom and or get multiple coffees etc

    The job is relaxed but productive if the company is doing it right with peak time where you put in unpaid overtime at points

    I mean that’s the point really
    The job is something you’re supposed to appreciate not something you dread even if it does suck in some ways so that extra push makes you feel like a hero if you were able to mostly enjoy what you were doing otherwise

    Course after Wednesday lol
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    Im doing well. On average probably 3-5 of actual concentrated work. But I do have days where I do essentially 0 work and days when I work for 8-10 hours so it depends on how important things are and how I slept
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    Work usually 1-3 hours.
    Personal stuff from 1 to 24+ hours. Depends on what I want to do and if I know particular programming language and it’s ecosystem or not.

    I don’t know how is my career. I know I get paid on time and earn slightly above average. I just write code and don’t want anything else. People come and go, some of them are ok some of them are shit that want to put you down to feel better. That’s why I work for money, do tasks fastest I can and best I can and don’t look around.
    In general fuck people and their careers. I’m to old to care about it.
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    3-8h (40-100%) depending on tasks. I am more productive with interesting tasks, especially big interesting ones. Last month I was concentrated 8 hours a day, so in the nearest future I'll be less productive.

    I'm at the top of my career for now. Only manager and system architect are above, but I don't want to be either of them. So my main task is to make my team more effective without loosing quality.
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    10% on average. My job is mainly administrative stuff, my college is mainly boring things, and my free time is mainly playing games with my girlfriend.
    It's not enough to be a rockstar dev but it is enough to not forget.
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    @c3r38r170 you work in college?
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    @Angry-dev Yes. 8-12 job, 13-19 college (on average).
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    5-6 hours a day.

    20% programming and fixing
    20% solutioning and designing
    20% testing and deployment
    20% discussion and meetings
    20% mentoring and reviewing
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    @BugsBuggy oh, I see next time I should ask how much are you focused on work. What have you wrote, its looks like 100 % in total of work which looks bit unrealistic.
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    No no, basically I'm not working 100% of the time. Mostly 4-5 hours of work.

    Not counting breaks here.
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