I quit my job, moved back home and will be studying my butt off and creating an impressive portfolio for the next 6 months to get a dream 100k+ remote job.

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    GL, keep us updated.
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    And then what?
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    @w0ble Probably work a few years gaining capital to start business ideas I've always had
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    @mk3d Like a million other people doing the same thing in universities, colleges, hobbies.

    It's my talent and my love. At the end of the day there will always be opportunities available , people and businesses who have needs.

    And to be honest who gives a fuck what others are doing, if you do what you love and it can sustain your life, then what the fuck does it matter..
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    Gl. Although 6 months is nothing, and it's pretty much impossible to build a great portfolio in this amount of time. But i would like to be proven wrong.
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    Wet dream
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    Wow the negativity.. I feel a little jealousy in this post. The person that does what makes him happy is the best thing that he can do. I say go for it man! And fuck luck. It has nothing to do with luck. Everything is up to you. 6 months is more then enough if you are willing to put in the work. I mean WORK, not 8 hours and call it a day. I mean fucking work! Don't expect results fast either, patience is the key. Even with a great portfolio it does not mean that you will be everyone's to go guy. There is much more then just one skill like dev or design. I would suggest to check out Gary Vaynerchuk. When feeling like quitting, he's the guy that will push you further. Cheers m8!
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    @nonserotonin Thanks man, was starting to doubt my high praises of the devRant community as well...

    Yeah I luckily have already been working as a dev for 5 years, so I have some inclination of the massive task ahead of me. But yeah I don't think there's enough hours in the day to learn everything you want, but just gonna give my best shot, with good scheduling , planning projects and not letting myself get distracted by all the cool shit out there.

    @Syntax - I'll be firstly going through Free Code Camp, JavaScript30, Codeschool (already have done 10 courses there) , probably CS50 and whatever else I find to be structured well for my needs and learning style.
    Basically it will be learning Computer Science and JavaScript. With JavaScript will come the most popular frameworks at the moment that I will use to build example projects.
    I will leverage my current skills as a front end developer and for the past two years PHP developer.
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    its my dream too
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    @nerwin Do it man, thing I'm more convinced then ever is to build, build and build some more. Doesn't matter what, just build lots of shit, Your learning feels more cemented with the confidence you gain, plus there's nothing better to prove your skills than with actual examples. Also keeps them haters off your back 😉
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    @RStrydom I'am thinking of moving from europe to canada to start over, life is to short for one small desk
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    Good luck!
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    @RStrydom great m8! Yea, I don't doubt your dev skills. What I was thinking about is the get the remote jobs part. If you thought about working for yourself people tend to forget that there is much "selling yourself" and marketing, meetings, networking and so on. So working on those parts to is crucial for success! Crush it man!
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    @nonserotonin Thank you man, I will definitely take your advice and keep that strongly in mind.
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    Kudos! Hope it goes well :)
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